Welcome, From Jesse

Welcome, From Jesse

In starting this site, my buddy Jackson of Stonehouse Market Farm and I agonized over what to call it. Specifically, did we want to include those words, “no-till”?

Or “no-” anything, for that matter...

There is hardly a more negative lead than “no” and we certainly don’t want to disparage any growers who use tillage. This is not an Us vs. Them thing—we’re just looking for more ways for anyone and everyone to reduce their tillage and still make a living. So with that in mind, we batted around names like Soil Growers, and Living Soil Market Gardening, but we came to the same conclusion I came to when starting The No-Till Market Garden Podcast: people know what “no-till” means and they will find us—and more importantly the information we’re collecting here—that way. From there, they can call it whatever they want: be it no-till, low-till, living soil, regenerative…

But when they—you—find us, our hope is you will find what you are looking for—what you suspect exists—a place to learn about profitable no-till market gardening on a small but professional scale. This site is an aggregate of the growing body of information dedicated precisely to this practice and movement.

For ourselves, as no-till growers, this site represents what we’ve needed since we got interested in growing without tillage. There have been a lot of people independently working on the issues inherit to scaling no-till up from the backyard or down from the grain fields to a market-garden size, but the information remained fractured and wholly invisible. No-till market gardening was so underground that no one was sure it was even possible.

With that in mind, it is our goal to bring all of the available and all the forthcoming no-till content together to help anyone who is interested in growing profitably and ecologically to find all the relevant information about how to go and grow no-till. We want to spark ideas and support innovation. We want the site to grow more farmers, grow more organic matter in their soils, and put more money in their pockets. We want to inspire, connect, share, teach, and as full-time farmers ourselves, learn.

So if you stumble upon something interesting, reach out to us! Send it along. Send us videos, podcasts, articles, scientific papers—anything you think would be relevant to other no-till growers. Anything you think we’d be interested in, let us know. If you want to support the site, podcast, videos and so on, consider joining the Patreon page!

Thank you for checking us out! Come back often, engage, share, and connect. Help us to grow by spreading the word, rate/review the podcast, share our work on social media. Help us bring this movement above ground into the light.

Thank you,

Farmer Jesse

Four Basic Principles of No-Till Growing

Four Basic Principles of No-Till Growing