|About No-Till Growers

Our vision is simple: more farmers growing in better soil. Until recently, tillage was considered a necessary evil of food production. However, we believe ecological no-till can be profitable in almost every context: better for the land, the farmers, and the communities they serve (i.e. the triple bottom line). We also believe that we, as farmers, have only begun to understand the mechanics, let alone the implications, of profitable no-till farming. There are an endless number of ways to approach regenerative agriculture, we’re beginning with small-scale no-till veg.

Our purpose is to create a community centered around regenerative veg farming practices, the very community we’ve been searching for ourselves. The farmers, the models, the methods are out there, but are at best hard to find, or worse, simply unexplored. We want to cultivate the best, most diverse, most accessible, searchable resource and online community for no-till veg growers and soil lovers. Please, consider supporting our mission by becoming a Patreon member and be sure to sign-up on our mailing list.

|The NTGrowers Team


Farmer Jesse

Jesse Frost is one-half of the farm team at Rough Draft Farmstead with his wife Hannah Crabtree in Central Kentucky. Jesse hosts The No-Till Market Garden Podcast and a video series on YouTube about no-till market gardening. His background is in cooking, off-grid farming, and journalism, contributing to The Atlantic, Modern Farmer, Civil Eats, as well as maintaining the Marketing Column for Hobby Farms for many years. Connect with Jesse on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


Farmer Jackson

Jackson Rolett, his wife Jordan, and their three sons farm full-time at Stone House Market Farm, in southern Kentucky. Jackson has a background in psychology and social work, has done extensive work with farmers market outreach programming (implementing the first cash-match for SNAP used at a farmers market in good ol’ KY), and currently grows one acre of no-till veg through a year-round farmers market and CSA program. Connect with Jackson via farmsite or Instagram.


Farmer Josh

Joshua Sattin owns and operates Sattin Hill Farm, a suburban no-till one man show micro-farm in North Carolina. He was also a guest on season one of the podcast. Josh brings an educational perspective to NTG, being a former educator himself, and a damn good content creator. Along with video content specifically for No-Till Growers, he also produces videos about his and others farms on YouTube, which you should definitely be subscribed (click the bell). Find Sattin Hill on Instagram.

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Good things are not easy, nor are they free. It takes a lot of time, work, and (yes) a little bit of money to operate our project. If you like what you see, and want to see more of it, consider becoming a Patreon member for as little as $2/month. More support means more time and resources to dedicate to the regenerative cause: more content, more contributors, more hands-on experiences, and—ultimately—more no-till growers. If you’re a farm or company and would like to contribute to and/or sponsor our work, please send us a message.

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