Water Quality Q's, Wild Hope Event, & Free Broadfork

Water Quality Q's, Wild Hope Event, & Free Broadfork

Water Quality Q

Our last podcast guest, John Kempf, is passionate about regenerative agriculture. He may be even more passionate about agricultural water quality. In the episode, he touched on how various sources of water may work against our aims of regenerating soil ecology, and where to begin in resolving some of those issues. One suggestion was a Pursanova water filter for bicarbonates/chloromines and another was irrigating from a pond.

Rendezvousfarmmd asks in the growers community, “Does anybody have any experience irrigating directly from a pond. I am mostly worried about contaminants from wildlife (read; poop) being spread onto crops like greens causing illness? Most internet articles I have seen say go for it.”

Though we don’t want to surpress the biological activity within the soil, we also don’t want to contaminate the crop. Do you irrigate from a pond? What have you done on your farms to improve the quality of your water?

Wild Hope Event

Way back in the beginning of season one of the podcast, we had Shawn Jadrnicek of Wild Hope Farm, South Carolina, talk about some of the innovative cover cropping they’re doing with no-till veg on quite a large scale. Check out the episode below…

They recently announced a workshop they’re hosting about successful large[er] scale no-till cover cropping September 29th:

“The first rule of soil conservation is to never leave your soil bare as the ecologist, Paul Sears wonderfully sums up with this quote, "Mother Earth is a staid and dignified old lady, no nudist by choice." Come learn all about the innovative cover cropping and no-till techniques we use on the farm to increase our organic matter and grow highly nutritious crops. Workshop details and ticket info on our website.”

In case you missed it, they’re also releasing bite-sized videos about seasonal cover cropping over on the Wild Hope YouTube page. Definitely worth a subscribe.

Free Broadfork at Frith

Speaking of events, if the Frith Farm at Rough Draft Intensive has been on your to do list, get after it. There are only five tickets left for the all-day workshop! Did we mention Paperpot.Co was going to give away a free Meadow Creature Broadfork? Details below…

Field Day with Daniel Mays of Frith Farm at Rough Draft Farmstead

Hey folks, we are announcing the first ever No-Till Growers workshop! Join us here in good ol’ KY on October 29th for a day-long intensive with Daniel Mays to discuss the no-till systems used at Frith Farm, followed by a tour of Rough Draft Farmstead with Farmer Jesse. The workshop begins at 8am and will be an all-day event beginning at Spark Community Cafe. Coffee and lunch will be provided and are included in the ticket price. After lunch, we’ll travel to Rough Draft Farmstead for a tour, time to connect, and drinks (BYOB). Space is limited, so please purchase yours as soon as possible. Discounts may be available to you based on your Patreon level. If you have any questions, please contact us at notillgrowers@gmail.com.

Note: click reserve your spot to fill out the information we need. The ticket will be added to your cart (top right) where you can finish purchasing your ticket.

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