Flippin' No-Till: How to Turn Over Beds, a Collection

Flippin' No-Till: How to Turn Over Beds, a Collection

We have been June-ing HARD ‘round here and you are likely in the same boat with a lot of no-till beds to turn over. So, we put together the ultimate bed-flipping post full of pro-tips for those of you needing a little guidance with some visual or audio accompaniment.

I should say, in some of the below content, folks are using a tilther. I don’t use a tilther, but in one of my videos below I do test the depth of the tilther to see how deep it actually goes for those who may be concerned. Decide for yourself if it is a tool you’d like to use. Anyway, lots of great contents here, so check them all out!

Ace of Spades

When anyone asks me about no-till bed flips, the first thing I do (besides a backflip, I would if I could) is point them to EP2 of the The No-Till Market Garden Podcast with Alex Ekins. Few people approach this process as deliberate as Alex does and he breaks down his process thoroughly well.

Also, check out his killer step-by-step bed prep methodology on the forum.

Sattin Hill Farm

Josh Sattin, who you may remember from EP3 of the podcast, has been doing some great videos of his farm, and recently offered up this one.

Rough Draft Farmstead

Not to flip my own bed, but I have done two videos on no-till bed flips. The first is a new one from this week (with Tilther trial) and the second from last year.

Charles Dowding

Great video here from Charles Dowding on clearing and replanting beds in the no-dig style.

Singing Frogs Farm

In this F2F Singing Frogs Describes their bed prep and flipping methods.

Neversink Farm

Conor Crickmore goes into some bed flipping details in our conversation on the podcast, as well.

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FF// More Interplanting, IG Noteables, & Free Broadfork

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