A Lean Farm Collection

A Lean Farm Collection

This week’s guest on the No-Till Market Garden Podcast was Ben Hartman and, although we do not dive into what lean manufacturing is, we do mention that we will cover it on the blog. As promised… I’ve gathered some of the best lean content on the web for you to watch, listen, and/or read at your convenience to learn more about lean farming and Ben’s approach.

Ben’s Lean Farm E-Courses

Ben offers several different lean-based courses on vegetable growing


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The Lean Farm: How to Minimize Waste, Increase Efficiency, and Maximize Value and Profits with Less Work - This is Hartman’s debut book and it outlines what lean is, how it started, how he got into it, and how it applies to agriculture.

The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables: More In-Depth Lean Techniques for Efficient Organic Production - Field guides are typical in lean circles, but this is an excellent and detailed outline of Hartman’s operation.


My Article for Civil Eats on Lean Farming
What Can Small Farms Learn from a Car Company

Another from Civil Eats I wrote: a Q&A with Ben
A Method for Growing a Lot of Food on Little Land


Ben shares his story with Diego Footer

Hakurai Turnip Production at Clay Bottom Farm

Podcasts (we’ve posted all of these from YouTube, though you can find each wherever you get your podcasts)

“Five essential Tools” with Diego Footer on Farm Small Farm Smart

Ben on the Farmer-to-Farmer

Ben on the Intellectual Agrarian


Last, but not least, a great webinar with NOFA MASS

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